Time and Financial Commitment Facts

Soccer Year and Seasonal Commitments

The Commonwealth SC soccer year begins in the Summer following the tryout, and ends the following Spring just prior to tryouts. All players who accept positions on a team are committed to that team for the entirety of the soccer year.

Youth players (Academy-2006 birth year) participate in both Fall and Spring seasons. During these seasons, teams participate in two 90-minute practices per week, plus matches and tournaments from August through October, and March through May. Additionally, each team will participate in 10-14 one-hour training sessions during the winter months.

High School players (2005*-2001 birth year) participate in the regular spring season and a shortened season in the late fall/early winter. CSC High School teams train twice weekly during the month of November. All high school teams will participate in RISE: The Commonwealth Showcase in Lexington the first weekend in December, and some teams may elect to participate in November College Showcases. During the winter months, teams will participate in 10-12 one-hour winter training sessions. Teams will train twice weekly and participate in league and tournament games during the Spring season.

*2005 birth year players who are in the eighth grade are eligible to train/play a complete fall season with Commonwealth SC 14U teams.

Club Fees, Player Assessments, Uniform Kits

Club Fees and Winter Training Fees are determined based upon the player’s age group: Academy, Youth or High School. Club fees cover coaching salaries, Director salaries, coaching/director continuing education, enhanced training programs, training field leases, game day field leases, and field and equipment maintenance and replacement. Club fees can be paid in full, or split into 5 automatic payments.

Player Assessments** are team-specific, and will vary depending upon each team’s level of participation. Teams participate in one of several leagues (KSSL, KPL, BPL, or MRL), some which require more travel than others. Each individual team will also participate in approximately one to five tournaments over the course of the soccer year, and tournaments vary in cost and travel requirements. Teams develop their own Fall and Spring budgets, which will include league fees, tournament fees, and coaching travel expenses to away venues and tournaments. A down payment of $200.00 toward the player assessment is due at registration. For some players, this down payment may cover the player assessment in its entirety, but for others there may be an additional Fall or Spring installment depending upon league and tournament decisions. For Youth Teams, $100.00/player will be deposited into the team account in June, and $100.00/player will be deposited in January. For High School teams, $200.00/player will be deposited in team accounts in November.

Uniform Kits*** are a required player purchase. Kit styles remain the same for a two-year period. Following acceptance of their position, a player will receive an email containing a unique order link directing them to required kit items, such as jerseys, shorts and socks. They may also choose to order optional Commonwealth SC crested items, such as warm ups or soccer bags. Players will also need cleats, balls and shin guards.

**There is no player assessment for Academy Players.

***Players are assigned numbers. Members who return from the previous season will retain their number, unless they do not meet their age group registration deadline, in which case they may be assigned a new number by the club.

2019-2020 Club Fees

  Academy (2013-2011) Youth (2010-2006) High School (2005-2001)
$800 $1140 $755

A $200.00 assessment down payment* is due with first installment.

A 5-installment automatic payment plan is available via credit/debit card or e-check.

Payment Plan Schedule 2019-2020

Payment Date Academy (2013-2011) Youth (2010-2006) High School (2005-2001)
Upon Registration $400 $400 $400
July 5 $100 $235 $138.75
August 5 $100 $235 $138.75
September 5 $100 $235 $138.75
October 5 $100 $235 $138.75

There is a $75 late registration fee after June 15 that is applied to all registrations for 2019-2020.