Lexington Futsal League Rules and Information

“House Rules”

  • No scoring from kick­off.
  • The opposing team on kickoffs must be behind the first white (volleyball) lines — new rule.
  • No scoring from kick-­ins.
  • Infraction on kick-offs result in a re-try, on the others the ball turns over to the opposing team.
  • Goalkeeper can not drop kick or punt the ball. Goalkeepers may NOT throw the ball overhand. Restarts by the keeper must be rolled underhand into play, or placed on the ground and passed into play. On a goal clearance (goal kick) the keeper MUST roll the ball into play and out of the penalty area. Any infraction results in a retry by the keeper/team in possession.
  • You CANNOT score from your own half (this is to limit simply hitting the ball as hard as you can down the field at the goal).
  • U9 and U10 groups ONLY — When the keeper is in possession of the ball for a goal clearance or collecting the ball in the penalty area and trying to restart. The opposing team must be behind the midcourt line. Once the ball is touched by a field player they may cross that line.
  • Game length is (two) 20 minute halves with a 3-minute halftime.
  • 6 teams per division, play each team once then a final day of 1st v 2nd, 3rd v 4th, 5th v 6th
  • Actual scores are recorded, but for standings a maximum goal differential of six goals in a given game will be used.
  • Awards given to the top team in each division
  • Schedules out prior to the first week of play


  • Any restart must be played in on the ground. This includes (but not limited to) kick-ins, corners, kickoffs, etc.
  • Goal clearances (“goal kicks”) must be rolled out by the keeper, not kicked or thrown.
  • When the keeper collects the ball or saves it, they may roll the ball back into play or drop the ball to the ground and pass it into play. NO THROWING, PUNTING, OR DROPKICKS.
  • When passing you may not pass in the air over midcourt. The ball must bounce/touch on your half to be a legal pass

General Information

  • There is no overtime, injury time, or stoppage time.
  • Teams are comprised of four outfield players and one goalkeeper.
  • The goalkeeper must wear a different color jersey than the outfield players.
  • There is no offside in futsal.
  • Substitutions are made on the fly at the team bench.
  • Maximum roster size is 10.

Substitution Rules


Fouls and Misconduct

The Goalkeeper

Imani Family Life Center Rules

  • All teams and spectators will enter through the back gymnasium doors on the opposite side of the building from Georgetown Road.
  • No unsupervised children — especially in the hall or under the bleachers.
  • The walking track and fitness center are for fitness members only and you must present a pass to access those areas.
  • No ball play or warmup allowed outside of the gym area inside the building.
  • All teams are responsible for picking up trash in their areas after games.

Imani Family Life Center
1555 Georgetown Rd, Lexington, KY 40511

Imani Family Life Center Facility and Parking Map

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